The fastest lead collector on the iPad

Collect leads with your iPad and export them directly to Excel

Collect leads with your iPad and leadsyncer

Whether you're out on the street gathering addresses, attending an exhibition or walking door to door; you need a reliable tool to save all the leads that you have collected.

  • Design your own forms that ask the right questions
  • Automatic synchronization when you're online
  • But it also works flawlessly when there's no Internet available
  • Works with wireless and cellular networks
  • Exports the collected leads to Excel
  • It's up and running in 10 minutes

Advantages of

  • Easy to setup and simple to use
  • iPad client is available in multiple languages
  • Have your leads available on your PC seconds after they're collected
  • Use familiar tools like Excel and the iPad to manage the leads and distribute them to your sales team
  • Easy integration with ERP or CRM systems: Learn more

Usage examples

  • Collect leads directly at trade fairs, trade shows or conferences
  • From passersby on the streets
  • With the help of lotteries
  • During coffee breaks at conventions and events
Lead Syncer HD - iPad
Lead Syncer - iPhone and iPod

New version released

  Please update free on the App Store

  • Bug fix: Disabled forms are now synchronized properly
  • Bug fix: Leads can be deleted on the iPhone
  • New feature: Image fields with camera support for the iPhone and iPad 2
  • New feature: Read only fields
  • New feature: Default values for text fields

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